An exciting new design brand from by Moro Brothers’ entrepreneurial mind.
The Moro Brothers have built a vibrant family business. Experts in crafting plastic materials for the last 50 years, they have developed a unique know-how and an unparalleled wealth of experience. They have worked across several areas of the wholesale market working as suppliers to many of Europe’s leading design houses. Building on these successes the Moro are now bringing their groundbreaking style directly to international markets.

Kriliko, Ideas container, offer includes lampshades, accessories and furnishing all of them with a common denominator: methacrylate and design.
Unique and peculiar in different ways such as transparency, color and stratification, the methacrylate is a flexible, light and eco-friendly material.
Skillfully worked and with the aid of the latest technologies, methacrylate offers to designers intriguing potential for stylistic and artistic expression.

KRILIKO, Ideas container, a new showroom is under construction near Milan.

Born from the desire to present their ideas with capacity